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Electric propulsion solutions for a cleaner, safer and cheaper flight experience







Electric propulsion is the future of aviation. Flying electric is not only respectful of environment but it also gives the opportunity of reducing  operating costs, enhancing safety and improving the comfort of pilots by reducing noise.

The development of electric propulsion has been limited up to now on the one side by the performance of batteries and on the other side by the regulatory framework. Batteries have significantly progressed in the past few years thanks to automotive industry and will continue to improve in terms of energy density, safety and cost. The autonomy of electric aircrafts is already sufficient to enable flights of more than one hour and autonomy will continue to improve offering pilots a wide range of use from training to cross country flights.

The regulary framework also evolved in the past few years with the harmonization reached between European and US rules. The possibility to use consensus standards will facilitate the introduction of innovations and electric propulsion will benefit from this new context.


Innovations for highly reliable engines and safer batteries




Our products cover electric engines, inverters, batteries as well as human machine interface.

Our products are currently under development with an initial focus on a 80 kW electric propulsion system for light sport aircrafts.

We can also develop products for your own applications. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.




NovPower company has been created in early 2018 with the objective to develop and commercialize certified electric propulsion systems for recreational aviation. Our expertise is a blend of system engineering and project management with a large experience working within regulated environments.

Our main concern : safety

Our objective : develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of pilots.




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